Frequently Asked Questions about Steel Frame Homes

At Supaloc our steel frames are precision engineered and manufactured especially for Australian conditions, so you know they are built to last. When our clients first discuss steel for their brand-new McDonald Jones, MOJO, Brighton, Weeks or Akora home, we notice some questions commonly arise. So, we’ve gone ahead and answered them for you, keep reading to find out.

Are maintenance costs lower for a steel frame house?
Steel frames don’t shrink, twist or warp, so you won’t face problems such as cracked cornices, jamming doors, sticking windows or uneven roof lines. Because you won’t need to treat for termites and borers, over the life of your home, ongoing costs are significantly reduced.

Are steel frames noisy? 
No. Our Supaloc steel frames use patented superior connections to ensure unsurpassed accuracy and dimensional stability. Thermally induced movement and noise is on par with other materials. Steel frames expand and contract at similar rates to other materials, minimising issues with noise or cornice cracking.

Will my steel frame house be susceptible to lightning strikes?   
No. A steel frame creates a positive earth, so a lightning strike will have no effect. Unlike conventional framing, the energy goes straight to the ground and is not dissipated destructively.  

Will the steel frame interfere with WiFi, TV or radio reception? 
No. This is a myth. WiFi, radio and television wave frequencies pass around steel, just as easily as they do with timber framing.

With Supaloc steel frames your home will be extraordinary inside and out!