Have a question about what’s required to build a steel frame home? Supaloc® has the answers you need.
How would I screw a plywood sheet to the steel wall frame before Gyprock goes on? I will be mounting a large TV to the wall. Can you advise the best method for this?

Best practice would be to use a lintel plate as designed specifically for the mounting of items from the steel frame at framing drawing stage, however a timber nogging can be added between the wall frames as support to brace the tv bracket or a mounting plate can be screwed to the studs if adding post gyprock.

Can I hang wall cupboards on a steel framed wall?

Yes. A kitchen installer will be able to affix to the steel frame.

Can you build a 2 storey house with 3000 high ceilings on the ground level and 2700 ceilings on the upper level?

Yes. This is achievable with additional heavy steel components as advised by an independent engineer who will review the plans and ensure there is enough support for the upper levels (not included in the Supaloc framing system).

Is there a way to connect roof trusses to existing concrete block building in cyclonic wind rated areas?

Yes. An engineer can specify the appropriate connection method between the trusses and existing walls in a high wind rated area.

I have a single storey Supaloc home and I'm wondering if we can make it a two storey home?

Yes. An engineer can assist with advice on the addition of heavy steel components required to support a second storey, depending on the current design and intended design.

I am considering building a steel frame house. Is the steel that you use made in Australia?

Our steel is made in Australia, supplied by Bluescope Steel Australia.

I need to install a timber support for a ceiling fan. Which part of the roof structure can I fasten to?

A ceiling fan can be attached to a support brace that is added between ceiling trusses. This can be made from timber.

What is the correct way to mount a clothes dryer in the laundry to the steel studs? Is it possible?

If the gyprock has been added then a backing plate or timber nogging can be added to the wall studs. If specified prior to framing drawings and manufacturing, it can be noted and a lintel plate can be added between the studs to attach the dryer to.

Is Supaloc an option in corrosion areas i.e. 1km or less to the coast?

The TB34 BlueScope warranty can be affected if adequate protection is not provided by cladding and/or brickwork. See http://warranties.bluescopesteel.com.au for more information.

What is the best way to mount a ceiling fan to a Supaloc home with a Thermaloc ceiling? Can it be mounted to the ceiling battens holding the gyprock?

The ceiling fan should not be attached to the battens holding the plasterboard.  Work out the location of the ceiling fan in the ceiling.  Attach a min 90x35mm structural timber member to the top of the truss chord.  Run the rod from the ceiling fan to the timber member and attach.

Do steel frames interfere with WiFi, TV or radio reception?

No. This is a myth. WiFi, radio and TV wave frequencies pass around steel as easily as timber framing.

Will lightning affect my Supaloc steel-framed house?

No! Because a steel frame creates a positive earth, a lightning strike will have no effect. The energy is allowed to go straight to the ground, and is not dissipated destructively as in conventional framing.

Are Supaloc steel frames electrically safe?

Yes! Supaloc steel frames are safe because the frames are earthed. When exposed to a live wire it will create a short and trip the residual current safety switch, so there is little chance of touching anything active. All new housing is required to be fitted with residual current safety switches. However, a broken or pierced wire in a timber frame can remain live and current leakage can cause troublesome faults and fire risks.

Can I add to the home at a later date?

Yes. Additions are relatively easy to make. In addition, the original steel structure will be straight regardless of age, making the job of lining up the extension easier.

Are Supaloc steel frames noisy?

No. Supaloc steel frames use patented superior connections that ensure unsurpassed accuracy and dimensional stability, meaning thermally induced movement and noise is no more likely than with other materials. Steel frames expand and contract at rates not too dissimilar from other materials, which means it is unlikely that there will be noise or cornice cracking problems.

I am conscious about the environment. Why should I consider Supaloc steel frames?

Supaloc steel frames deliver a range of environmental benefits, both immediate and long term. The relative light weight of steel framing, combined with its design versatility and flexibility, means a Supaloc steel-framed house can be built with minimal site impact. Quite literally, it 'touches the earth lightly'. This is especially apparent on sloping and difficult sites where it can be used in conjunction with suspended flooring systems, reducing the need to cut into the site and thus leaving a much smaller imprint. Supaloc steel frames are fabricated off-site to exact specifications; there is minimal cutting and wastage onsite - making for a cleaner building environment.

I am an owner builder. Can I erect my own frames?

Generally we only supply Supaloc frames to authorised builders who utilise skilled trades and supervisors to ensure your home is built to our stringent quality requirements. In some regions we are also able to recommend licensed installers who are able to undertake this work to ensure your warranty is maintained.

Do we have design flexibility when building our home with Supaloc steel frames?

Yes. The high strength-to-weight ratio of steel roof framing allows for longer spans, creating larger, more open living areas. And because it’s steel, it measures up against increasingly stringent building and fire regulations.

Are Supaloc steel frames termite proof?

Yes. Supaloc steel frames are manufactured from TRUECORE® steel and are 100% termite proof. No if, buts or maybes. Your family will no longer need to be exposed to expensive ongoing chemical treatments. Ever.

Will I have reduced maintenance costs with a Supaloc frame?

Yes. Supaloc frames are precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate. They won’t shrink, twist or warp, so your home won't have problems such as cracking cornices, jamming doors, sticking windows or wavy rooflines.

Are Supaloc steel frames expensive?

The innovations developed by Supaloc and incorporated into your frame means that our systems will provide you with a competitive build cost together with significantly lower ongoing costs associated with maintenance and chemical treatments over the life of your home.