History of Supaloc® Steel



Steel framing has been used in Australia for over 50 years for residential and light gauge construction. Initially, it was a shortage of conventional building materials after World War II that led to its introduction. However, since this time, steel framing has exploded in popularity due to its superior qualities.

Supaloc® Steel Building Systems began in South Australia, and the future of building was born. Supaloc® identified the great potential of steel framing in its superior energy efficiency, natural strength and resilience, ease of construction and termite resistance. Supaloc® then took on the challenge of creating smarter and more sophisticated construction technology by implementing the use of customised CAD (computer aided design) software to aid product development.

Supaloc® steel frames are manufactured using BlueScope TRUECORE® steel. With the backing of BlueScope’s 95-year history and countless years of practical experimentation, BlueScope TRUECORE® steel has been developed to be perfectly suited to harsh Australian conditions, helping Supaloc® become one of the country’s leading steel frame suppliers.

Over the years since its inception, Supaloc® has continued to create new innovations, namely its patented superior connections and dimpled screw recesses. It is the only system that attaches each and every component together and bolts them to the slab, guaranteeing outstanding structural integrity.

The future is looking strong, as Supaloc® continues to strive for a better way to build.