An evolving technology

Supaloc steel framing is a continually evolving technology, driven by a passion for increased safety, security and strength in housing construction. Our Research and Development Department works in close conjunction with our manufacturing facilities to ensure a dynamic and ongoing evolution of the frames. The ongoing refinement of both the design software and advanced manufacturing machines ensures that our steel frames utilise the latest and most advanced technology available. Constant improvements to product functionality, energy efficiency, and constructability ensure that Supaloc steel frames remain at the cutting edge of building technology.

An Australian market leader

Supaloc Steel Building Systems is proud to be considered the market leader in steel framing solutions in Australia. With manufacturing facilities located to service Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, our continued growth saw operations commence in Melbourne during 2016. We aim to educate and inform new home builders on the benefits of steel framing in order to spread the building revolution.

Global expansion

Not only is Supaloc steel framing considered the market leader in Australia, it is continuing to gain international recognition as a cutting edge construction product for both residential and commercial buildings. With operations currently underway in the Middle East and Asia, and the recent commissioning of our first facility in Connecticut USA, Supaloc steel frames have truly become a global building technology.