Build with Steel in the Hunter

At Supaloc® we understand that building a home is most likely one of the biggest time and money investments you’ll make in your lifetime, and you only get one chance to build it right. 

From the ground up, the frame of the home is more than just another stage in the build process; it’s the backbone that keeps everything together. But which is best for home builders in the Hunter – steel or timber frames?

Built for life.

Comprised of a series of patented connections, the Supaloc® system is engineered to be unmatched in strength and performance. In contrast to a timber frame home, every component of the Supaloc® system connects seamlessly and is assembled for the ultimate level of structural integrity.

Better still, each of our frames – manufactured from BlueScope TRUECORE® steel is backed by a 50-year written warranty giving you absolute peace of mind.

By choosing to build with one of our Hunter based steel frame home builders – (McDonald Jones Homes, MOJO Homes or Complete by McDonald Jones) you can forget about any concerns you may have about the DNA of your home rotting over time, as your steel frame home provides enhance corrosion resistance for a longer-lasting home. 

Straight and true, always.

Living in the hunter, your home can be exposed to a range of natural elements including excessive moister and high humidity levels which overtime can lead to warping in a timber framed home. 

Thanks to the inner strength and durability of steel, the way you receive your home is the way it will stay for years to come meaning it won’t shrink, twist or warp with less chance of sticking windows, jammed doors, and wavy roof lines.

Our framing system ensures thermally induced movement such as expanding and contracting will happen at rates not too dissimilar from timber frames, which means it is unlikely that there will be noise in your new home build. 

Impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

Contemporary home designs featuring wide spans, open plan living, or architectural roof lines are all possible thanks to the versatility of our Supaloc® steel frame system helping bring your dream McDonald Jones, MOJO or Complete by McDonald Jones home to life. 

The strength in our steel frame system is all thanks to our patented connection system that attached each component together and bolts them to the slab. The roof locks with the truss, the truss locks with the wall frame and the wall frame locks with the slab for a perfectly interlocked system that delivers unparalleled security and stability.

Environmentally Friendly.

Did you know that a significant component of your home may be constructed using recycled steel? 

Steel remains one of the most suitable building materials able to be recycled, as its metallurgical properties mean it can be recycled continually with no degradation in performance. 

Our steel frames are also prefabricated and dimensionally accurate, leaving no room for error resulting in less wastage at our manufacturing facilities and on site at each construction project. Unlike timber frames where frames can often be cut too long or too short. 

Termite and insecticide free.

As the Hunter is a largely rural area, it is prone to significant termite activities, with some species capable of building nests with over 1 million termites which can cause significant damage in a matter of months. 

Unlike timber frames, your steel frame McDonald Jones, MOJO or Complete by McDonald Jones home won’t be exposed to the harm of these unwelcomed visitors meaning the structural integrity of your home will not be damaged.

Fire resistant.

Another major benefit of our Supaloc® steel frames is that the core of your home won’t catch on fire and will even help you meet the standard for building in severely rated flame zones. Compared to a timber frame house, your home will be framed by non-combustible steel, offering safety and peace of mind for the whole family. 

As you can see the benefits to a steel frame home located in the Hunter are endless. Contact your hunter based McDonald Jones Homes, MOJO Homes, or Complete by McDonald Jones Home sales consultant today to start your new home build journey – constructed for life.