MJH Multi

MJH Multi is the multi-residential building company specialist within the MJH Group. MJH Multi builds a variety of exceptional and affordable low and medium density residential properties for private and corporate developers, as well as for government instrumentalities across MJH Group’s building footprint.

MJH Multi Pty Limited (MJH Multi) was launched in December 2014 to capture opportunities in the multi-residential market. 

Through experienced personnel and proven management systems, the MJH Multi team has already established a strong reputation for quality construction and craftsmanship, developing and nurturing values and respected relationships and providing on time project delivery.

MJH Multi’s repertoire spans between low and medium density residential properties built for private and corporate developers, and for government instrumentalities throughout regional and metropolitan NSW and ACT. MJH Multi specialises in residential estate construction, investor housing, town homes, defence housing, retirement village independent living units and community housing.

No matter the project, our expanding team of experts are focused on delivering the best service and experience throughout our client’s project, as well as surpassing expectations for all stakeholders and the community. While we believe every build we complete is unique, we approach each project with the same philosophy shared by the MJH Group – that we would love to live there too!