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Product Lifecycle

How your Supaloc steel frames are made

Bluescope – Pt Kembla

A Supaloc steel frame begins its journey at the Bluescope integrated steelworks operation plant in Port Kembla. The raw steel is coated in a zinc/aluminium alloy with a blue resin surface finish to become the highest quality G550 high-tensile TRUECORE® steel, a specifically designed product for house framing.


The drafting of your construction project is then carried out with the highest degree of accuracy and care. The drafting department prepares framing documentation for the purposes of manufacture and on-site construction. Using the latest CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacture) technology, they produce the electronic data to drive the rollforming machines. This software enables draftspersons to use a program that is specifically customised to the Supaloc system.


Rollforming is the process by which the flat steel is converted into strong, sturdy frames by bending it into shape. Rollforming ensures that the frame remains as light as possible while retaining strength. This process requires less energy than many other steel work processes, meaning the production of Supaloc steel frames is as energy efficient as possible.

Factory Assembly

Your Supaloc steel frames are then partly assembled within the factory to ensure precision and strength, and reduce on-site construction time.

Site Delivery

The semi-assembled steel frames are then delivered to the construction site where the slab is already laid and ready to build on.


Construction then commences on-site by professional framers. Construction involves no on-site modification of the frames, which reduces the time and cost involved and ensures that there are no waste products. The panelised wall frames fit together perfectly, and the unique patented truss to truss connections do not require any screw fixing on site. The hip and jack trusses simply clip into each other, significantly reducing site time and guaranteeing structural integrity.