The following glossary of terms outlines the definition of many phrases used on this website.


Australian Standards – The specifications of the requirements to ensure safety, reliability and consistency within a particular industry or for a particular product.


Building Code of Australia – The set of rules that specify the minimum safety and quality requirements of construction in Australia.

BlueScope Steel

The steel manufacturing company who create TRUECORE® steel, used by Supaloc Steel Building Systems to manufacture our steel frames.

Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the amount of energy consumed during the production of a product. 

Life Cycle Energy

Life cycle energy is the energy consumed throughout the full life cycle of a material: from harvest to disposal.


The National Association of Steel-Framed Housing – The organisation representing the interests of low-rise building steel framing fabricators.


Supaloc Building Systems Computer-Aided Design – The custom computer software created to aid in the precision design of the Supaloc Steel Building System.


The concrete base of a building that forms the ground floor and on which the frame is erected.


The vertical sections of wall framing designed to carry loads.


A quality G550 high-tensile steel with a zinc/aluminium alloy coating and distinctive blue resin surface finish, designed specifically for use in house framing.


Triangular sections of a frame that provide structural support and integrity.