Precision Engineered

By using a series of patented connection components, Supaloc steel frames are engineered with unparalleled accuracy and strength.

Straight & True

Engineered to be dimensionally accurate, Supaloc steel frames will not warp, sag or shrink, reducing the risk of cracked walls and wavy roof lines.

Termite Proof

Supaloc steel frames are 100% termite and borer proof. Recent studies indicate 1 in 5 Australian homes will suffer termite attack – don’t risk your biggest investment.

  • Save up to

    4 1 5 0

  • Save up to

    8 0 0 0

  • Save in excess of

    4 0 0 0 0

  • Annual inspection and termite treatments
  • Home maintenance
  • Serious termite infestation rectification


Supaloc steel frames can save home owners thousands of dollars in termite treatments, costly maintenance and repairs over the life of a home.

Safe & Secure

Australia experiences some of the harshest weather conditions. Trust in the strength of Supaloc steel frames, which are engineered and manufactured to withstand even the worst weather.