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Weeks on Wheels in the News

Kevin Weeks has now reached the end of his amazing ride across Australia to raise funds for Parkinson's SA.

kevin-and-camAlong the way he has met some incredible people and shared some heartwarming moments as everyday Aussies donated whatever they could to his cause.

Now Kevin has been featured in a number of news stories, which showcase the incredible journey he has undertaken, both physically and mentally.

You can read these articles on the following news sites:

Photo: Kevin (right) with riding buddy Cam McKay who joined Kevin for 4 days in support of his mother, who also has PD.

Kevin was also joined by Today Tonight’s Rodney Lohse for the last 3 days of his ride, who documented his emotional arrival at the Rockhampton finish line. Here’s what Rodney had to say about his time riding with Kevin.

“Like every good journalist, today I parachuted in to ride on the coat tails of a man I met two years ago. Kevin kindly refers to me as a cyclist, but really I’m a bloke with a bicycle, so I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Kevin.

So this morning in the dark and cold I got to share a small part of Kevin’s incredible journey. He is so close to the end of the trip, that even he admits was crazy, and even young men wouldn’t consider attempting. Kevin has taught me so much about life in such a short time and I will try to express some of those lessons in the story I put together for Channel 7 with my cameraman and editor Andrew Currie.

I know Kevin embarked on this trip with two goals, one to stimulate his endorphins which would counteract the Parkinson’s and reduce his tremor, the other was to raise money for a cycling centre for people with Parkinson’s. However, like with many road trips, and I love a road trip for this very reason, the destination often changes because the journey changes you. This journey has changed Kevin more than most, except maybe his family, will ever know. I think Kevin has shown us all, and most importantly himself, that Parkinson’s is stopping him from doing nothing. I for one am very keen to see what’s next for him, because this will be tough to top, but I know he will top it.”

You can view the full Today Tonight story here.

You can still donate to this amazing cause here: https://weeksonwheels.everydayhero.com/au/kevin-weeks