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Thermaloc is a system that combines the strength of Supaloc steel frames with the excellent thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation.

It is an affordable, high performance building technology that delivers proven results in premium, low energy, sustainable homes.

Thermaloc is engineered using a patented manufacturing process, which guarantees the quality of our framing and insulation system. Building a home with Thermaloc will ensure that your house benefits from the structural qualities of a steel frame as well as an insulating medium that has absolutely no cavities or gaps. Alternative insulation methods cannot achieve the quality or consistency that is made possible by the Thermaloc pre-insulated technology.

The development of Thermaloc has been backed by both the Australian Federal Government and the South Australian Government.

Their funding has assisted in the commercialisation of innovative Thermaloc technology, providing a real solution for affordable, thermally efficient housing.

What does this mean for me and my family?

Thermaloc is changing the way we build in Australia. It is taking construction to a new level of accuracy, quality and guaranteed performance by creating an engineered building within a controlled manufacturing environment.

Unlike traditional insulation, Thermaloc fills every crevice with insulation material. The combination of our Supaloc interlocking steel framing systems and rigid cellular insulation has been proven to exceed the performance of industry standard insulation products.

For you and your family, this means peace of mind. High performance insulation is what keeps our homes warm in winter and cool in summer. Thermaloc will substantially reduce your energy bills whilst guaranteeing you the Supaloc structural integrity of your home.

You can read more about the Thermaloc Home Insulation System by visiting the Thermaloc website.