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The home invaders are on the move

Today Tonight reports the effect that termites are having on Australian homes, stating that  "millions of dollars damage" is done each year.

Termites racking up damage bills on Today Tonight

Lynda Kincade reports that around the country “Termites are eating entire homes”. She speaks to expert Tony Jones, Operations Manager of Amalgamated Pest Control who reports that “damage bills that termites cause can add up to tens of thousands of dollars very quickly”.

Today Tonight go on to report that “The damage bill caused by termites to Australian homes in the past 5 years is $3.9 billion”.

The footage of entire timber frames crumbling apart is enough to make your skin crawl, and your wallet feel suddenly empty. No doubt homeowners with timber frames will go and knock on their own walls or call up Buster the termite sniffer dog after seeing this!

Watch the full story below.