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"Coming to a house near you"

Today Tonight reports on the unwanted house guests, and how they have effected homeowners around the country.

Termites on today tonight

Today Tonight’s Jonathon Creek reports that “No matter where you live in Australia, chances are termites are coming to a house near you.” He goes on to report that you are “100 times more likely to lose your house to termites than you are to a fire, and often it’s not covered by insurance.”

This story follows the heartache of Melbourne and Sydney homeowners facing hefty costs due to damage caused by termites. They believe that local councils are not doing enough to protect their residents from these pests. As a result, many homeowners are being forced to take matters into their own hands, and remove termite ridden trees from their area.

Melbourne homeowners Kevin and Bonnie Searle tell Today Tonight their story, of a termite ridden home not covered by insurance. “We’ve got insurance for contents and building and it’s not covered.” Their concrete stumps were not adequate inĀ preventing termites from gaining entry into their house. The termites simply climbed the stumps and began eating away at theirĀ home.

Expert pest controller Lawrence Burn says “The risk factor is really high.”

Paul Daly from building industry watchdog ArchiCentre says a common problem is “having timber offcuts and timber framing under the subfloor itself, which is once again another harbour for termites.”

Watch the full Today Tonight story below.