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Termites are on the increase in Melbourne

The prevalence of termites in Melbourne homes has had a recent dramatic rise thanks to ideal weather conditions & urban expansion.

The Age has recently reported a rise in termite damage in Melbourne homes. According to entomologist Dr Don Ewart of Melbourne Polytechnic, the recent weather conditions are to blame for the plague of the wood-eating insects. “They have had a good, wet spring and we are getting this moisture, and they are still quite actively exploring,” he said.

Termite attacks on homes can often go weeks or months without being noticed, causing devastating damage to the structure of homes. Dr Ewart warns that new homes and expanding suburbs are also not safe. “New suburbs will have a few attacks and then they get about 10 years old and tend to have a whole lot more,” he said.

Termite infestation

Unfortunately the solution for existing timber framed home owners is simply to be vigilant of the warning signs and have regular costly termite inspections, and this may not even be enough to save your home. The Age reports of inner-city Melbourne homeowner Matthew Flynn, whose termite inspector failed to identify an infestation of the pests before they caused substantial damage. “I don’t live anywhere near a waterway; I live in the inner city so I didn’t expect it. It could happen anywhere,” he said.

If you’re building a new home in Melbourne or anywhere around Australia, only trust 100% termite proof Supaloc steel frames for peace of mind that your home is safe from these devastating pests.

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