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Termites devastate timber framed homes

In an eye opening report, Today Tonight shows the devastating effects that termites have on timber framed homes.

Termites devastate timber framed homes

Termites devastate timber framed homes

In this recent story, Today Tonight interviews home buyer Adam Rudnicki, who was left with a destroyed home after a pre-purchase inspection failed to identify horrific damage to the home’s timber frame. Homeowners are often left with tens of thousands of dollars in damage when costly termite inspections fail to detect these destructive pests. This report highlights that undertaking termite inspections does not guarantee your home’s safety from this devastation.

According to this report, the latest CSIRO research suggests that 1 in 3 homes contains termites. This alarming statistic combined with the knowledge that termite inspections are unreliable, further highlights the need for a better solution.

A better solution

Supaloc steel frames are 100% termite resistant, saving homeowners huge financial anguish and giving the ultimate peace of mind. Simply put, termites cannot eat steel, and therefore a home’s structural integrity is immune to such risks.

Watch the full story of how termites devastate timber framed homes below, or click here to visit the Today Tonight website.