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Yet another termite horror story on Today Tonight

Today Tonight reports that Australia's termite problem costs nearly $1 billion a year. Even worse, some chemical treatments don't even work!

Today Tonight - Termite Problems

Today Tonight’s Adam Marshall reports on a couple with a serious termite problem. “They’ve spent $4000 on the supposed solutions. The damage is now so severe their home will have to be demolished.” This is unfortunately a more common problem than many homeowners realise. A staggering 1 in 5 Australian homes will be affected by termites throughout their lifetime.

In this episode, homeowner Steve Sanford shares his story with Today Tonight “It’s very disheartening. Something you’ve worked for and you’re not knowing whether it’s going to have to be knocked down.”

Presenter Marshall reports that “These are just two of the thousands of homes across the country that have been wiped out by termites, despite supposedly being termite protected”.┬áMarshall goes on to report that etymologist┬áDr Don Ewart admits┬áthat “There are systems on the market right now that don’t work.” Dr Ewart is the author of Dr Don’s Termite Pages, a website designed to help with all kinds of termite problems.

Devastated homeowner Laura Shimkey admits “It’s just something you don’t think of until you see it”.

Many homeowners choose the cheapest options available at the time, whether that’s the materials used when building their home, or the termite treatments once their home is complete. It is important to consider the long term costs of your choices.

Watch the following video for the full story.