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Performed by NASH NZ, Melbourne University & Auckland University

Steel-framed houses were put to the test in this seismic experiment by NASH NZ, the University of Melbourne and the University of Auckland.

Steel Framing Put to the Earthquake TestA steel-framed house was subjected to a seriesĀ of earthquake simulations ranging in severity in the University of Melbourne’s earthquake simulator.

So what were the results?

Dr Emad Gad from the University of Melbourne explains that “at serviceability it showed no sign of damage whatsoever. Even at ultimate limit state the house was in very good shape. There was no evidence of damage to the brickwork or any distress to the brick ties.” He goes on to say that “This formĀ of construction will perform exceptionally well to the satisfaction of current standards and beyond.”

Dr Charles Clifton of the University of Auckland reported that he was extremely pleased with the result. “It’s performed right at the upper end of my expectations and it’s as good as I could have hoped for and certainly better than I expected. It means that we have a system that is incredibly robust in earthquakes.”

Watch the video below for the full story.