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When it comes to building a home, we all want to be well informed about the construction technologies and products available. After all, our home is often our biggest lifetime investment. We want to inform our customers about the Supaloc system, to make your purchasing decision an easy one, and give you peace of mind. Feel free to ask your own question below, and we will reply as soon as possible.


How would I screw a plywood sheet to the steel wall frame before Gyprock goes on? I will be mounting a large TV to the wall. Can you advise the best method for this?

Can I hang wall cupboards on a steel framed wall?

Can you build a 2 storey house with 3000 high ceilings on the ground level and 2700 ceilings on the upper level?

Is there a way to connect roof trusses to existing concrete block building in cyclonic wind rated areas?

I have a single storey Supaloc home and I'm wondering if we can make it a two storey home?

I am considering building a steel frame house. Is the steel that you use made in Australia?

I need to install a timber support for a ceiling fan. Which part of the roof structure can I fasten to?

What is the correct way to mount a clothes dryer in the laundry to the steel studs? Is it possible?

Is Supaloc an option in corrosion areas i.e. 1km or less to the coast?

What is the best way to mount a ceiling fan to a Supaloc home with a Thermaloc ceiling? Can it be mounted to the ceiling battens holding the gyprock?

Do steel frames interfere with WiFi, TV or radio reception?

Will lightning affect my Supaloc steel-framed house?

Are Supaloc steel frames electrically safe?

Can I add to the home at a later date?

Are Supaloc steel frames noisy?

I am conscious about the environment. Why should I consider Supaloc steel frames?

I am an owner builder. Can I erect my own frames?

Do we have design flexibility when building our home with Supaloc steel frames?

Are Supaloc steel frames termite proof?

Will I have reduced maintenance costs with a Supaloc frame?

Are Supaloc steel frames expensive?

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