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The Aussie chippie converts to steel

McDonald Jones Homes has partnered with well-known Aussie builder and TV personality Scott Cam.

Scott Cam talks about Supaloc Steel Frames

In this behind-the-scenes interview, Cam talks about his new love for Supaloc steel frames.

Scott Cam came on board with McDonald Jones Homes this year after he decided they were a genuine, quality and reputable family-owned business.

He spoke to McDonald Jones Homes about his history with framing. “As a carpenter, traditionally we’ve always worked with timber. Timber is very heavy. It’s nice to work with but it’s very hard to work with at the same time. ”

Cam then goes on to describe his new thoughts on Supaloc steel frames: “It’s lightweight. It’s easy to work with. The big thing is it’s termite proof. That’s what I like too. Certainly in regions that there are a lot of termites. It’s straight and it stays straight. Whereas timber won’t do that. It moves around a fair bit. Now I’m very impressed. In fact, I’m building a house up at Mudgee at the moment for myself in the bush, and I’ve been swayed- I’m going to steel!”

Great to hear Scott! We look forward to reading about the build on his blog, which you can read here.

Watch the full video below.

Scott Cam talks about his partnership with McDonald Jones Homes